Value added service is our key focus at Culbertson Resources, Inc. One of the primary reasons companies turn to us is our experience in recruiting highly qualified candidates and our ability to partner with our clients. This enables our clients to better understand the market, the company and it’s culture and subsequently better defining the requirements. Understanding the needs at a deeper level is one of the key steps in attracting the right people who fit the organization.


Our Plan

For each search, we create a strategic plan that identifies and source the top talents in the marketplace. We listen closely, so we can understand the essential requirements for the positions and the company. We then formulate a plan tailored to the company’s needs. We create a recruiting team to search for most qualified individuals. We help navigate pitfalls, negotiate with candidates and clients alike, to deliver the best solutions for both sides. We pursue only the highest caliber candidates and present only those who meet the qualifications. Our commitment to you is consistency in service & deliverability of the most capable person for the job.

Key Values

We maintain a keen focus on the time value of money, so we never disrespect your time by delivering under talented prospects. Our unique approach is consultative. We listen for comprehensive understanding of your company in order to deliver best candidates who fit the organization. In the end, our hope is to build a true working partnership with our clients ; one that will survive the diverse and ever-changing market.

Our Process


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