At Culbertson Resources, Inc. we work with companies ranging from small local operations to large Fortune 500 companies. We are committed to finding our candidates those positions in the market that are in alignment to your career goals and professional objectives.

Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to our candidates. We dedicate our staff to understanding the types of positions you are targeting and give perspective and market insights to those positions. Once we identify those opportunities and with your permission, we would then submit your resume.

We communicate transparently where we are in the process and what the feedback is from your interviews and give guidance on how best to position you for success.

Our team invests our time and expertise to help you preparing your resume, provide interview coaching tips so you can be best prepared for your conversation with potential employers. Lastly, we deliver the positions and help negotiate your compensation and benefits. Contact us now so we can help you with meeting your career goals.

Set up a time to meet with our team.

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