By Laura O. Tolentino

Recruiters are very hard to impress. They see thousands of CVs and talk with so many people that in most cases the candidates are simply seen as numbers. If you are interested in getting a job, there is a pretty good possibility you will need to impress a recruiter or at least the interviewer. How do you do this? Obviously, there is no recipe for success since different supply chain recruiters are going to look for different things. However, there are different things you can consider, with the following ideas having to be taken into account as simple but effective recommendations.

Get Results Before You Are Hired

There are different situations in which the job requirements will state different things that will need to be done, like responsibilities. One perfect way to stand out of the crowd is to prove in a practical way that you can get that done. For instance, let’s say you apply for the position of social media manager and a job requirement is to increase Facebook likes. Before the interview or between interviews in the hiring process, you can prove that you can do the job by generating likes for that Facebook page.

Prove You Did Your Research

In so many cases the people that apply for a job do not actually know much about the company that they look at for a position. Why not take it one step further and simply talk about the business, ask follow-up questions and prove that you are genuinely interested in the job? This guarantees you stand out of the crowd since people rarely ask questions.

Bring Personality To The Job Interview

People that are interviewed for a job are usually incredibly passive. They do not make any sort of connection with the interviewer. Can you blame him/her for not remembering the candidate? Something as simple as an introduction and then using the name of the interviewer during the interview can create a good connection. This is not a guarantee that you will get a job but you might end up being considered for something because of the connection.

Fast Responses

Always get back to the interviewer exactly when you say you will and be responsive when the interviewer reaches out. Accessibility is very important for every single recruiter out there. Contrary to popular thought, this does not relate just to questions asked during the interview. There are follow-up questions and dates set. You want to respond fast to all requirements, especially since the recruiter may need something fast for you to go further in the hiring process.

Spell Out Specifics

There are many situations in which a candidate has a great CV so the recruiter provides him a list of job requirements, asking if he can do that. The usual response is to just say yes to the jobs that can be done. A response that will make the recruiter remember you is to take a pen and add a note about how you meet job requirements and why you can get that job done. Going the extra step makes an instant impact.

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