By Dean Da Costa

As most of you know Sourcecon Fall 2017 is coming in Austin, Tx on September March 25-27. The theme “Real People. Real Sorucing. Back to Reality.” I am involved in numerous events and such and hope to see everyone there. This years Sourcecon is going to be different then others in the past. New speakers, new tracks, and new events have been created with the idea to maximize your learning experience. The Happy hour is night one, with Sourcecon actually starting the next day. Prior to the Happy hour Sourceocn is proud to give you the staffing expert Mark Tortorici, who will be proving some training for those who want more. The Sourcecon Hackathon,(sourcing after dark) is night 2. We have the innovation labs were you get the chance to play with the latest a greatest toys. This is the must see event for Sourcers and I hope to see you all there. As such I will have no blog posting the week of the 25thth and as always will start my Sourcecon series the week after.

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