By Todd Kmiec

Netflix built a culture over the years based on the idea that they are not a family, but more of a team. Like a professional sports team. The basics are, we are focused solely on results.

You can take time off when you want or work when you want, but you have to produce. If you produce, great. If you don’t, we don’t need you. You could be great at what you do, but if it doesn’t produce what the team needs then we have to move on. So you’re not really fired. It’s more like getting cut. If you’ve got good skills, some other team will pick you up because they’ll need what you can do. It’s not a warm and fuzzy concept that promotes loyalty, but it does generate great results.

Here’s the thing. You may or may not like the concept, but in the end every person is responsible for their skills and their work ethic and what they can do. Most of the business world dances around this, but that doesn’t change the fact that results are what make an employee valuable.

Todd Kmiec

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