By Devin Caldwell

Hiring the best employees is always difficult. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to attract the right talent. Below are ten ways to help you with your hiring process.

Be Quick

Respect the time of your potential employees by hiring quickly. Don’t make anyone sit around and wait for you to get back to them. You know when you’re going to make a decision, so don’t make a power play.

Call Back

Call your potential hires back, even if you aren’t going to hire them. Make sure they know if they were considered for the position and if you’ll hold on to their resume in the future. This won’t just help you to endear yourself to potential employees – it will help you to create a talent pool from which you can draw in the future.

Focus on Compensation

As much as you’d like to think otherwise, your compensation package matters. While you might not be able to compete with all of the major players in your field, you do need to pay a reasonable amount for the job. Look at what others are being paid and make sure your offers are at least in the ballpark. Even if you can’t match what an employee wants, you should do them the service of presenting a reasonable offer.

Bring on the Perks

Perks make a huge difference when it comes to finding good employees. If you can’t match the salary, you can make it easier for people to work for you. Use a low-code platform, go easy on the dress code, or make sure you cater lunch once a week. The more you can do to make your workplace attractive, the more likely the best employees will flock to you.

Pay Attention to Social Media

Social media can be a great place to find employees. It can also be a great place for you to vet potential hires. Pay attention to social media when you’re looking for someone, both for good or for ill. Your potential employee’s social media presence will be important if they are hired, so get an idea of who they are before they sign a contract.

Reach Out

You don’t have to be passive when you hire new employees. If you know that someone is a perfect fit for your business, make sure that you reach out. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little headhunting on your own. Even if they don’t accept, they know you’re interested in the future.

Go National (or Global)

There’s no reason to exclude candidates from hiring just because they don’t live nearby. More people are moving for work than ever before. Extend your reach to nearby cities first, and then across the country. If your business is large enough, you might even want to go global with your search.

Be Worth Talking About

If you want to get the best employees, you need to have a great business. Work on making sure your current employees are happy so that they do the advertising for you. You’ll get more great applicants if people aren’t trying to flee their current jobs as quickly as possible. Make your business the place to be.

Respect Your Interviews

Your interview process should be respectful. Don’t play games and don’t waste anyone’s time. If you aren’t going to hire someone, don’t give them false hope. Ask the questions you need to ask and give the other party time to get the information they need. The more respectful of their time you are, the better your company will look.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Finally, make sure your business is the kind of place where people can grow. Let employees know that there are growth opportunities in salary, if not always in title. Most employees are looking for a job at which they can stay, so make sure your business fulfills that need.

Follow the tips above to make sure your business is attractive for new candidates. You might not be able to provide everything a candidate needs, but you can make your business look like it’s worth their time. With the right attitude, you’ll be able to find the right employees to help your business thrive.

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