By Jasmine Demeester

Undeniably, from ordering food to looking for a new house, there’s an app for almost everything. These days, many leading recruitment sites have launched applications to facilitate job seekers.

Job application enables applicants to apply for the best position in an easy and quick manner. In addition, it provides suggestions and tools to upgrade your resume to maximize the chances of recruitment.

If you’re also planning to land on a perfect job then below are the best apps for your career growth.

  1. 1. LinkUp

This is one of the best job search apps that allow you to connect with the potential employer in a rocket rapid manner. If you’re tired of job hunting then you should install LinkUp, to get notifications of the latest opportunities in your field.

The best part of this application is that you will never found any fake jobs or scam listings on it. It will also enable you to filter the search opportunities by keywords, company, and location to land on best jobs directly via your smartphone.

  1. 2. CareerBuilder

According to a recent online survey-based report, is one of the favorite sites for job-searching. This is because of its exciting and easy to use functions that make the recruitment process easy to accomplish.

This user-friendly platform will provide you the opportunity to instantly access thousands of employment opportunities that are posted in your field of interest. Moreover, it will help you to build a resume so that you could easily apply for a new job any time without uploading your resume.

  1. 3.

This is also a popular job search website that has helped out millions of users to land on the right jobs. It will enable you to stay updated with the latest job opportunities in your field right from your mobile device.

The free app will keep you connect with potential employers of your field so that you could apply directly to new listings as they’re posted.

  1. 4. Snagajob

The Snagajob applications provide instant access to new job listings as well as suggest jobs that are the best fit. It facilitates the users to land on the best opportunity via one-click apply feature.

Snagajob will allow you to add an attention-grabbing summary on your profile with a video or profile picture to stand out from the crowd.

This way you will easily grab the attention of the potential hiring managers to become a successful candidate.

  1. 5. JobAware

This is another most downloaded job search application that enables users to attach their LinkedIn account for better opportunities. This applications job results are provided by and LinkedIn job discovery.

It helps the job seekers to look for familiar opportunities and companies that are offering jobs in their related field. Moreover, you can also share the job via email, and social media to benefit your professional network contacts as well.

  1. 6. LinkedIn Job Search

When it comes to career building LinkedIn, plays a significant role. Nowadays, every field employer is using LinkedIn to figure out right applicants for the vacant position of their field. You could also install a LinkedIn application to be hired with easy to use application.

This platform provides information in a customized way so that you could easily avail job alerts of your favorite companies.

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