By Rachael Murphey

While few people think of any career as being dangerous, the truth is, some careers carry a level of danger. In this article, we will discuss five of the most dangerous careers that someone could choose.

Police Officer

It is true that we have great respect and gratitude for our police officers! The reality is, that this career is extremely dangerous. Police officers have a high fatality rate and many incur various degrees of injury each year. The police make our cities safer places, but the job comes with a high level of danger.


This may not be the first career that comes to mind when thinking of dangerous jobs! The death rate in this profession is over 38 per every 100,000. Roofers can easily fall, receive burns from chemicals, and are exposed to dangerous heat. They are exposed to falling tiles and debris, resulting in serious injury.

Sanitation Workers

Another career choice that is not typically associated with danger, a sanitation worker does work in a dangerous environment on a daily basis! These workers are exposed to hazardous wastes which are detrimental to their health and safety. Sanitation workers have also been injured and killed in accidents involving heavy equipment such as compactors.


Construction workers spend their days in one of the most dangerous environments there is. Falls are a hazard, as well as serious cuts from equipment. Misuse of tools often results in devastating injury for construction workers. Construction workers can be electrocuted, or they can be crushed by a falling object. This remains one of the most dangerous career choices that a person can choose. It is an unfortunate fact that this industry reports a high number of fatalities each year.


Being a firefighter is a truly respectable career choice. These workers rescue us from unfathomable situations. However, they are in a dangerous field of work. Thousands of injuries occur each year, not only from severe burns but from broken bones, sprains, strained muscles, and being exposed to dangerous materials. Smoke inhalation is a danger of the job. Firefighters put themselves at risk for falling when rescuing victims from buildings. Fatalities are reported in the profession as well.


The people who choose these career paths are essential to the industry that they work in. They are putting themselves at a higher risk of danger than most. While many jobs carry some risk of injury or even fatality, these 5 careers are among the riskiest of all.


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